Introducing Admotion Fraud Detection Suite

Do you suspect one of your marketing partners is committing fraud?

If you do, you're already being framed.

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Affected e-commerce sites are experiencing:


of sales hijacked from organic sources or media vendors*


of ad spend wrongly invested*


of ROAS lost!*

* Source: 2018 monthly reports of major retailers.

The Problem

Maybe you're suspecting a marketing partner is misleading you somehow: you can see in your analytics that it's driving traffic to your e-commerce site and delivering sales in a way far better than its competitors. You've got the feeling that something is not quite right, but this partner (apparently) provides some of your best-performing campaigns and you're afraid to quit it and lose an important share of revenue.

The problem

What is happening?

Organic purchases in your e-commerce website or conversions generated by another media supplier are being incorrectly attributed: fraudulent vendors swoop in through several methods, in order to prevail in the last-click attribution model.

Whatever the methodology, the result is that marketers pay for sales they would have achieved anyway.

Not clear enough?

So, how can you categorically demonstrate this and protect your ad spend avoiding any risks?

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The Solution

Our Fraud Detection Suite, or Admotion FDS provides state-of-the-art technology conceived to accurately identify fraudulent partners, eliminates any illegitimate attribution and recognizes the true source that is genuinely increasing your e-commerce revenue.

Furthermore, Admotion FDS grants flawless and compelling EVIDENCE to expose your fraudsters and how they operate.

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What to expect after activating Admotion FDS?

Admotion FDS Workflow

Once Admotion FDS is implemented on your e-commerce site, you will perceive ZERO loses in sales, the overall performance will bloom, and the distortion created by fraud will be eliminated in favor of legitimate media.

Our Fraud Detection Suite will normalize your ad spend distribution and show you the rightful and genuine value of your traffic sources.

What does it mean?

It means that your ROAS will be immediately BOOSTED because you will pay less to obtain the same results. And, over time, the more budget you spend on revenue that has genuinely been generated by your advertising partners, you will be achieving a much greater ROAS.

Insights that truly matter

  • Detection of who's framing you and how it's being done.

  • Full transaction report from first ad click to conversion.

  • Precise User's Journey for all conversions.

  • ROAS report matching your own attribution model.

  • Normalization applied in all results.

  • Historic rates of deviation.

Admotion FDS: INsigghts that truly matters


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