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Why use DCO?

DCO is the ultimate combination between:


Hassle-free ad versioning

Modifications on any creative aspect, such as images, text, video or more can now be introduced in real-time. Ad versioning becomes an automated and dynamically updated process, cutting back creation time and providing infinite possible combinations. Entire catalogues and databases can now be dynamically displayed within one single ad unit. In short, online ads are now fully customizable without the need to go back to production stage.

Sharp optimization

DCO is fully integrated with our Retargeting solution. Our real-time algorithm incorporates user information and behaviour as well as website content details, endowing creative optimization based on factors such as geographic location, language, time of the day or performance of previous ads.

Sharp optimization

Extensive reporting

DCO Analytics not only provide proficient reporting but also, performance data may be segmented by audience or any of the versioned elements, generating solid reports that go hand in hand with the optimization strategy.

Extensive reporting