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Rise your conversions

Retargeting boosts any advertisers’ conversions. Interested audiences can now be easily identified, increasing relevance and driving awareness to any brand. Our self-learning algorithm records positive interactions, giving the go-ahead to the creation of direct marketing messages to consumers who previously engaged with a specific ad or website.

Optimize performance

Our Retargeting solution makes each and every impression count, maximizing their impact and optimizing overall performance. Directly related to our Dynamic Creative Optimization solution, advertisers can now address their audience segments and message them with the right ad. Customer groups can be automatically differentiated according to specific criteria. Thanks to this pixel-based technique users are tagged and they emphatically receive the necessary engagement.

Cross-channel solution

Retargeting in all its forms – site retargeting, search retargeting, reverse retargeting and more – enables cross-channel intelligent messaging by leveraging data during the entire process. Performance can be also measured across channels, disclosing unified reporting thanks to our solid reports system.

Retargeting case

Retargeting case